HSC and equivalent examinations will start from Sunday. This year, total of 1.2 Million 18 thousand 628 candidates will participate under the 8 general and madrasa education with Technical from 10 education board. The number of candidates are 1 lakh 44 thousand 744 which is more than last year. Among this year's candidates, 6 lakh 54 thousand 114 students are male and 5 lakh 64 thousand 514 are females. However 83 thousand 121 people and 61 thousand 623 people which are, respectively more compared to the previous year. According to Ministry of Education, 1.2 Million Students Seated For The HSC Examination 2017.

HSC Exam 2017 Starts Today

HSC Exam 2017 Starts Today

According to the ministry of education, all arrangements had been made for completing the test program successfully with “Nakala Mukta” and in orderly environment fully. According to the hope of Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid has the HSC and equivalent examinations will be joyful and festive for guardians and teachers of all students. He sought cooperation from teacher, parents and candidates including all concerned for the proper completion of the test. This year 1 million 20 thousand 109 candidates will participate from the 8 general board including Dhaka, Rajshahi, Comilla, Jessore, Chittagong, Barisal, Rangpur and Dinajpur. Among the candidates, 5 lakh 25 thousand 613 students are male and 4 lakh 94 thousand 496 students are female. Noted: HSC Result 2017 will be publish on August 2017.

Without this year, 91 thousand 591 people from The Madrasa Education Board, 1 lakh 2 thousand 132 from the technical board, 4 thousand 796 people students from DIBS will participate in the test. 52 thousand 603 male students and 38 thousand 988 female students from the madrasa board, 72 thousand 92 male students and 30 thousand 40 female students from the technical board and 3 thousand 806 male people and 990 female students from DIBS will participate in the test. 262 candidates from the 7 centers at home and abroad will participate in this year. Of them, 124 are male students and 138 students are female.

HSC & Equivalent Examination 2017

HSC Exam 2017

According to the Ministry, this year, the total number of examines as well as the HSC exam centers and educational institutions have been increased compared to last year. Now the examination centers had become 2 thousand 452 by increasing to 33 seats and 228 seats in educational institutions has been increased to 8 thousand 533. Theoretical examination began on April 3 and will continue until June 9 and practical test starts on June 11 which will end on June 20.

The first of the HSC is starting with multiple choice question (MCQ) and after that the creative / Essay type (theoretical) part is being taken. Between the two parts of the exam, 10 minutes have been kept. This year, 36 test papers of 19 subjects will be examined through the creative process. Last year, 25 papers’ test of 13 subjects were tested in creative manner.

According to the ministry, the visually impaired, cerebral palasijanita with disabilities and those with disabilities who are not in the hands of the test subscribe (audition author) will be able to take the exam. Such candidates and candidates for hearing impaired will be given 20 minutes extra time.
In addition, special needs ( autistic and Down syndrome or cerebral palsy affected ) candidates are permitted to get 30 minutes of extra time in exam room , and its parent , teacher or helper are allowed to participate in the examination .

The control room of The Ministry of Education have been taken measures to test round the clock monitoring of the country's HSC and equivalent in all tests.

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