Though the question papers of public examination are noosing out one after another, government is not eligible to find out the criminal party. An objection has notice, the question paper of ongoing HSC examination are noosing in the morning on the day of examination via a different ways.

Ministry of education and officials of Dhaka education boards said, few dishonest teachers open the question papers one hour before starting the examination and captured photos using their mobile phone and then share this via whatsapp, viber and many others applications. On social media it is spreading rapidly via few definite id. But they are not able to find that from where these are noosing?

For taking corrective actions, Ministry of Education sent latter to the Bangladesh Telecommunication Controlling Commission (BTRC). In the letter, it is said to deactivate the id and to catch the culprits and to take legal step for stopping these. HSC Result 2017 all education boards of Bangladesh will publish August, 2017.

An official from Ministry of Education said, the legal support has been wanted but there having no outcome.

When it was asked to Sohrab Hossain, the Education Secretary said, they got objection from somewhere that this are happening. Corrective actions are said to taken by BTRC. If can catch them, they will give hard penalty.

Officials of ministry of education, ministry of primary and mass education said, the question paper is noosing since few years. But the source has not been found yet. It was given less importance on the beginning. But when it was happening massively in the HSC examination in 2016, the ministry of education started investigating. It was proved in investigation that the question of English and Mathematics 2nd paper (theoretical) were licked as per as the main questions. The sample was found in Faridpur but no source could be identified by administrative investigation committee. That time it was said to investigate by the deductive branch, had no outcome. The incident of licking out the question of Primary School Certificate, 2013 was proved by the government. That time the source was not found too. It was complain of noosing question of SSC examination in this year.

Except the question of public examination, there have complain to lick out the question of many job related examination. According to the publication on newspaper, there have been licked out more than 80 questions from 80s to present age. But none of these sources are known, the references of investigation committee ware also not applicable properly.

Rasheda K Chowdhury, adviser of past care taker government said to the Prothom Alo that now the technologies are being misused. Accordance this, the administrations have not been updated. Also it has been spread a bad culture for not to providing hard penalties. And why examinees and guardians hunker after question? It means, there is a lack of ethical education.

In past, the question was lick on 2/1 days before of examination but this time it is happening before starting the HSC examination. The tendency was spreading after the examination of Biology 1st paper (Theoretical) on 19th April. An officials of Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Examination who was relating to the examination said to Prothom Alo that, they notified that someone has been published the MCQ  question of  Biology 1st paper (Theoretical) t one hour before starting the examination via Facebook. It was found the question was as same the original question. After that, the same incidents were happened on next Biology 2nd paper, Physics 1st paper and 2nd paper examinations.

HSC and equivalent examination has started on 3rd of April and will be ended on next 9th of June.  This year there have more than 12 lacs of examinees of 10 education boards including 8 general Educational boards, Madrasha and Vocational. 

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