HSC Result 2017 Dhaka Education Board

HSC Result 2017 Dhaka Education Board in Bangladesh publish super-fast for the Advantage of Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education. The Dhaka Board Result 2017 established in 1961. It was the Pakistani Education board in the past. Its name was The East Pakistan Intermediate and Secondary Education Ordinance. Day by Day its Education Quality and Background Activity increase. Currently, The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Dhaka takes control the Largest Number of Institute. Generally an Education Board needs to control the Institute Public Examination. It also controls Exam Related elements like HSC Exam Notice, Exam Routine, Exam Result and many others. At present, The Education Board BD requires for maintenance the College Admission Information. Dhaka board also does all the works faster. Get details information of Chittagong Education Board  HSC Result 2017 BD from this post.


HSC Result 2017 Dhaka Education Board

After Passed the SSC Exam student attends on the College for Higher Education. Now a day, it needs to admit online to the Public College in BD. The Process of HSC College Admission is maintenance by Education board. Dhaka Board Process the Admission details like Application forms and Admission Results. You can also collect your Admission Results via Dhaka Education Board. After Attending HSC and Complete the HSC Education, You need to attend on Exam. The HSC Exam also Keep by Dhaka Board. You can now get your HSC Result Dhaka Board very fast from Dhaka Board Official Website. You can also get your Dhaka Board Results by Mobile SMS. We will describe the SMS Process on another Post.

Dhaka Education Board Result 2017

Dhaka Education Board Results mean the Education board Results which publish by Dhaka Board. In another way, The Public Results which are powered by Dhaka Education board. Which is called Dhaka Education Board Results. The Dhaka Education Board publishes JSC Result, SSC Result and HSC Result. We will learn more details about this latter. But, from other Board, Dhaka board students feel better with the Results. Dhaka board an extra priority to get the Results. Read below the Dhaka board Results Activity.
  • PSC Result 2017: Primary School Certificate (PSC) Result 2017 will publish on 31st December 2017.
  • JSC Result 2017: Junior School Certificate (JSC) Result 2017 will publish on 31st December 2017.
  • JDC Result 2017: Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC) Result 2017 will publish on 31st December 2017.
  • SSC Result 2017: Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Result 2017 will publish on 30th May 2017.
  • SSC (Vocational) Result 2017: SSC Vocational Result 2017 will publish on 30th May 2017.
  • HSC Result 2017: Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) Result 2017 will publish on August 2017.
  • HSC (Vocational) Result 2017: HSC Vocational Result 2017 will publish on August 2017.

PSC Result 2017 Dhaka Education Board

PSC Result of Dhaka Board is the 1st Public Examination of all Students. Its the 1st Steps to build their Life. After completing the Primary School all the Students attend PSC Exam for Higher Education. Here we have added the Process of Getting the PSC Results in our Site. You can also Download your Mark sheet from here.

JSC Result 2017 Dhaka Education Board

If you are a JSC Examinee, you can get your JSC Result from Dhaka board super-fast. The Dhaka board has an Extra Result portal. On there, they add the Real time Result when it is published. So, On the Result Publish date, you can use their Additional Server to get your Results. To get the JSC Result of Running year on Dhaka Board, Just visit: After visiting you can get your Roll wise Individual Result. You can also get the Institute Based Results from the same page. Think yourself, which is better for you.

SSC Result 2017 Dhaka Education Board

SSC Exam is the largest Public Exam in Bangladesh. All the Education Board feels pressure about the SSC Result 2017. Dhaka Board is same like that. The Dhaka Education Board Results team works hard more from the other board. They always try to do better from the other. To provide the Extra benefits to the Students, it is a great Idea!
Research shows, when a Dhaka Board Students Enjoy with his/her Result. Others board student running here and there for Result. So, think yourself Lucky as a Dhaka Board Student. To get your SSC Results in Dhaka Board, Just visit the Same Link which we provide before. The Link only works for the Real-time Results. That means, When the SSC Result Publish, This link work as an SSC Result Portal.
In conclusion, No more words about HSC Result 2017 Dhaka Education Board. If you have anything else to know, Please comment us. We will review your comment and one of our Specialists will answer your Question as soon as they can. Thank you for staying with us.

How to Change Your Job for Good

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."- Confucius 

For some people getting a job is the hardest part. For others keeping the job they have is harder. It might sound surprising, but in a survey conducted by YourNextLeap with over 3000 online respondents 66% of them were not satisfied with their current job within one year. 

When Should You Say I Quit ? 

1: When You Feel Entrepreneurship is For You 

"When I finished school, I took my entire life savings $5,000 and invested it in a business. I was young. I was inexperienced. But I was an entrepreneur, and I was proud. And in six weeks, I was broke."- Mark Warner 

Not everyone is cut out to become an entrepreneur. For those who do believe in their skills and abilities, they can make a fortune doing so. 

While you are doing a job, you are stuck in the corporate race. There is little room for innovation and youll be always under someone elses command. If you choose the entrepreneurship path, you are free to innovate. 

However, entrepreneurship comes with its own challenges. You have to hustle all throughout hoping to be a success at some point. You might have to work harder than your hardest working employee and still take a lower salary during the initial years. You may fail a couple of times before you see any success. But if you can live through all this without giving up, you can truly become a successful entrepreneur. 

2: When the Current Job Takes a Toll on Your Health 

Not many jobs give you the flexibility you want. Most jobs which include you to site stress yourself either mentally or physically can take a toll on your life in the long run. If you feel that your current job is going overboard, then its time to say I Quit. 

3: When You Outgrow Your Current Role 

You may have joined your current company as a fresher or a young executive. However, as time goes by you may outgrow your skill set required for the current role. If you cannot convince your manager that you need a promotion to a higher role, then its time for you to start looking for a job which gives you more exposure. 

4: Your Career Goals No Longer Align With the Company Goals 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years or what are your career goals. Almost all HRs ask you these questions before you join the company during interview time. So they took you in because they thought your goals and the company goals match. So what happens when a mismatch comes? 

It can either be because the company shifted its goals or you personally wanted to do something different after a few years. Whatever the reason might be, if you dont see that your interests and the company interests dont match up, its time to rethink about staying in your current job. 

5: You Are Not Competent Enough 

It might sound a bit harsh. But thats the reality. In some cases, you are not just good enough. During the interview, you were capable of anything. However in real life, when it came to doing things you said you could, you might not be competent enough to deliver results. Im not saying its you, but sometimes it maybe you! 

6: Your Social Life Is Impacted 

When you have a job that demands too much time from you, your social life may be affected. Although its good to dedicate yourself to your work, you must not allow your work to become your master. Always make sure that you have a healthy balance between work and life. If that balance is regularly getting upset, either think about optimizing your work so that it finishes faster or find another job that is less stressful. 

7: Your Current Job is Boring 

Unless you have truly uncovered your passion and working a job which involves it, you are going to find your job boring after sometime. If you find your current job boring, talk to your manager and take on different responsibilities. If thats not possible, try moving to another department. If all else fail, say I Quit. 

It's Your Time to Decide : When do you think people should say I quit? Is there any way we can turn the negative into positive? Let me know in the comments. 

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