HSC Admission 2017

HSC admission notice/circular 2017:- HSC College Xl admission online application 2017 at  Full Guide and tutorial will be found here. You can also find HSC College admission result 2017 at our website. The admission notice of college 2017 publish on various news paper and media. You will find here How to apply online HSC college admission 2017. Remember You can also apply by SMS and online both system which will be more handy just select it. HSC admission will start on 09 May as education board bangladesh published in their HSC routine 2017 and admission start 20 June 2017. Bellow you have to see the full details.

HSC Admission 2017

In this year HSC college admission as Hsc routine will be started on 09 May 2017 as usual like last year. There are at most 16 lac hsc students will admission in HSC all the college all over Bangladesh.

Students will get the admission in 1 college by 185 Tk as registration fee. Last year one students had given admission fees in more colleges during hsc XL class admission 2017. This year students will pay admission fee after final their admission in respective college. The online application process will start after HSC result 2017.

HSC Admission Notice 2017 | HSC College Online Application

According to the new hsc exam rules, total three times student merit list will be publish. So HSC college admission result 2017 will be out total three times. Every list, one students name will be in one college. But a student can be able to apply more than 10 college during online apply. From there, according to merit students will get chance in one college. If he/s likes to admit then pay registration and assure admission. If any students do not get chance in any college among 10 at first time, then he/s must apply for 2nd list. But if anyone does not read after admission then he/s must apply for migration. But admission fee will take only one time.

If you do not get chance in migration list then must apply for 2nd merit list. But students must admit if he/s gets chance in 2nd list. According to the notice, HSC college admission result 2017 will publish three times. After that no merit list will publish.

Dateline of this year HSC Admission 2017

  • Online Application Start: 9 May 2017.
  • Online Application End: 31 May 2017.
  • HSC Admission Result 2017 1st Merit List Date: 5 June 2017.
  • College Selection 1st Time: 6 June to 8 June 2017
  • College Migration and 2nd time Application: 9 June to 10 June 2017
  • College Migration and 2nd Merit List Result: 13 June 2017
  • College Selection 2nd Time: 14 June to 15 June 2017
  • College Migration and 3rd time Application: 16 June to 17 June 2017
  • College Migration and 3rd Merit List Result: 18 June 2017
  • XI Class Starting Date: 1 July 2017

HSC Admission 2017 Online |

Students will must have to apply through online website at A student can be able to choose maximum ten colleges.
Hsc admission Online Application Fees is 150/-.
Students also can apply from their Teletalk mobile SMS. A student will have to pay 120/- for each college. That means total cost will be 10X120=1200/-

Application Form Link:
 Apply Now

HSC Admission 2017 SMS Guide

1st SMS
CAD<space>College EIIN Number<space>First Letter of Your Group<space>First 3 Letters Of The Board<space>Roll no of SSC<space>Passing year of SSC/Equivalent exam<space> Shift<space>Version<space>Qouta And send it to 16222

2nd SMS
After sending first SMS successfully you will get a PIN number. If you agree then send the second SMS using the PIN numberCAD<space>Yes<space>PIN<space>Contact No (Yourself phone no of any operator) Send to 16222

Some Great tips for All HSC Student

Writing an Essay to College

So you have already narrowed down the college choices and at the moment it is time you filled out all those admission applications. Since you are getting through the applications, of course, you start to note a recurring theme. All of them seem to contain composition questions that you, as an applicant, are responsible for giving answers. Dont worry. Take a long breath and then let it out. Little by little we will get you through it.
Essays are one device that colleges as well as universities employ to find out more about your personality and about your motivation for applying to go to their college or university. It is a chance for you to completely explain your grounds on the way you feel about some particular situation. The answers you gave in your essay will also tell the admissions officer some more on who you actually are. Its only one more way to become acquainted with you as a personality or a student who isnt revealed yet from the questions which are raised on their admissions applications. Besides, the essay provides you with an opportunity to show your writing skills as well as your ability to put in order your thoughts plainly and effectively.
Thus take out your pen and some paper so you could take notes. So we are at the moment about to arise 3 most famous essay questions and the way you can deal with them.
1. What events, activities, and achievements have somehow contributed to your self- progress?
  • Include in your list all the activities where you have taken part in during your study in high school or during the last 3 years.
  • Do not forget to include your school activities, jobs, and volunteer opportunities, as well as community service, sports, and anything else you partook in.
  • Evaluate your list and note which activities and achievements really are noticeable in your mind.
  • Write your answer to the questions out in the form of paragraph and that’s all!
2. Role Model – Imagine that you could meet, or be, or simply have dinner with some person in history, so who would this person be and why?
  • List some of your much loved people, no matter whether they are popular or just people you know for yourself.
  • Who intrigues you most of all? This is the one you should found your essay on.

Your Way to College

It is not a thing to be embarrassed of. The college as well as university admissions procedure can be irresistible, and since it’s continually evolving (and every school uses diverse criteria for estimating admissions!), and it would be hard for anybody to master the procedure.
To take some sort of deduction out of college admissions, we made a decision to get the hottest on the procedure from these in the know. So, Kerry Rosen, Director of Admissions for Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College of Florida Atlantic University, as well as Susan Hertz, Associate Director, Marketing of American University, provided some information for the graduates from high school getting ready to apply to some college.
The most widespread mistake applicants make to reduce their chances of being accepted into some university or college?
Kerry ROSEN: They usually submit late and incomplete applications, or simply don’t check to make out what is required, for example, the number letters, an essay against a graded sample, and so on.
Susan HERTZ: Or they simply don’t check to ensure that all the necessary parts of the student’s application have really arrived.
And what is the rough weight given to those grades, test scores, and extracurricular as well as community activities, compositions and recommendations? And what other features do you usually like to think about?
Kerry ROSEN: We place great weight on the academic evidence since we offer an extremely difficult program and we need to be convinced that our applicants have something to become successful here. We take a look at their test scores, the potency of the lessons taken, grades, plus also want a graded sample in writing so that we could see the way the applicant can communicate when writing. As well as academics, we are keen on what the potential student does outside his/her classroom – school or community involvement, some employment experience, their honors and awards. Besides, letters from teachers or counselors as well as people from the community let us know a lot concerning the student’s character, their motivation in addition to level of compassion.

Your Admission Essay

 During the years as Ive assisted students with the writing as well as their preparation for school one of those things that has at all times astonished me is that a lot of students do not have any thought what their school admission essay is supposed to be about. Just put the composition is about YOU. Whatever the subject you are writing of is, regardless of how strangely and obliquely the problem is expressed YOU MUST WRITE It ABOUT YOU.
Though the admissions composition is becoming more significant every year, but it is NOT the principal part of the application packet. And for the huge majority of universities or colleges, the admissions staff will use the composition as a tiebreaker. And if some students are extremely close in their grades, character, and recommendations, as well as test scores, then the student who has better essay has also better probability of being admitted. As a rule, the admission office representative is in search of a thing which will push the potential students over into the heap they will advise for acceptance.
Nevertheless, not often, if ever is some admissions composition going to get admittance with a poor academic record, some lack of participation in all the high school activities, plus weak test scores. Thus, dont depend on your admissions composition to take the ball instead of you. A well-made essay which isnt backed by the academic records as well as test scores point out that someone else composed the students admission paper.
Take a minute and consider the way the admission officials will employ your paper and what they actually want. They want to find out something about you. They want to find out what can make you more likely to get admission than anyone else. So when you are making your composition make it personal. And write it about you!

College Admissions Requirements

There are basics for everything in our life and thus law school is the same. What do you require for entrance to law school? Definite law schools have definite expectations that they demand from potential students as such. But although there are differences the majority of law school courses have common admissions requirements. So what the potential undergraduate needs to perform is take it into account and address no matter what the admissions requirements are primarily before doing something else.
These general admissions requirements are or can take in:
  • A letter or some letters of recommendation
  • The Undergraduate GPA
  • Complete LSAT Scores
  • Your personal statement which is potent in delivery and that has defining point
What you aimed at during your study in college isn’t what attracts a law school as such. But it is the variety with which you as a student followed your course most of the time. A lot of law schools always have a tendency to learn more about the student who really has a true love for education and this shows itself powerfully in their selected courses of study as well as the grades got as an outcome of the educational selections made. The more difficult your courses are so the more doors it will open for you talented. As it demonstrates you really do have a good regard for the studying process. Regardless of how difficult or scrupulous it might prove to be. Selected courses must only be things which interest students seriously rather than just something that students want to take. Since true attempt shows itself in people who passionate about thing they’re studying as well as the place it is exhibited most is in the grades.

Going To College

It becomes instantaneously clear once anyone starts studying the overabundance of requirements essential to apply for college today, that it is a remarkably complex and overwhelming procedure. Combine this fact with the lots of who are imperfect English speakers and the first generation of their family to go to college which must weed through all the requirements of the procedure with little or without any guidance at all. Add in the blend the over programmed youngster that, on top of colossal amounts of homework, and extracurricular activities and possibly a job must at the moment apply to a standard of a hundreds universities just to guarantee acceptance into some college over the most competitive access cycle in history. Simply examining last terms percentage of acceptance at choosy universities will prove this fact.
So, there are people who continue to attack the independent school consultant in the private efforts in order to direct these students. So, their services regularly improve family relations as well as reduce stress. Besides, a good number of independent counselors take such students. The simple fact is that hundreds of students just are not receiving the help they need. Undoubtedly there are innumerable effective counselors in colleges across the country, however the counselor to any student ratio is excessive. Some college counselors manage about 500 students. Besides, add the huge amounts of other jobs lots of them have together with however not limited to some scheduling, and monitoring social behavior or writing recommendations. A lot of them have job titles which include “guidance counselor”. So, how often have I heard undergraduates state, “My counselor knows nothing about me and besides, there are those who are not even aware of the fact whether their schools have any college counselor or not. Universities have definite requirements for admittance. Nevertheless, hundreds get to their last year without the essential courses because of lack of guidance. And these counselors just cannot deal with the large enrollments, so it’s no surprise, since the schools are considerably under budgeted. Of course, there are independent schools which manage well, which ratio of university counselor to undergraduates is 10:1, and where students’ sets of courses are reviewed and cautiously managed. Nevertheless, so numerous of the families still search for outside assists for the college admission procedure.

The Ways to College

Each college as well as university has its own criteria of admissions - thus how can you know the way to prepare while youre still studying at high school?
Luckily, for the majority of colleges, they are looking for students who fit definite criteria. Even though youre in the final year of your high school, its still not too late for making changes that will assist you create a winning college composition application.
There are a couple of areas which college will take a look at, academic achievement plus extracurricular involvement.
#1. Academic Achievement
You probably know that the academic attainment of yours will be important in receiving a college access. The college will be examining your SAT scores as well as grade point averages in order to make out whether youre the category of student that is able to succeed with them.
Besides, theyll be seeking some other special talents - for example, excelling in the field of music and art.
References and recommendations will also be asked from your teachers or from your school principal - thus its useful if they are informed and can confirm your interests or activities outside of your school.
Extra Curricular activities
So, your college is in search of an academically able, attractive individual whom they will shape and make the potential leaders of the state.
For this reason, of increasing significance is your participation outside of school. With just 20% of people being accepted to the most competitive schools, your application will require to be noticeable and differ from the mass.
For instance, its been made known that students that get involved into the debating or some speech teams are, as a rule, more likely to get a college place.
If getting too involved won’t assist you, you will have to write something concerning the extra curricular involvements of yours. Let me tell you an unending story about a child called Gary. Gary is only a typical high school senior. This boy enjoys playing sports or taking long strolls on the beach. So, because of this fact, he doesnt as a rule spend much time on his study, however he still has rather average grades.
After some consideration on what type of career he wishes to pursue, he chooses that he will only worry about receiving his associates degree but after that choose a career. Then he finds many suburban areas all over the nation and contentedly understands that there are high-status colleges in each one. He spends a great deal of time attempting to find every college admissions application, then he prints off some of them.
After finishing the first college application Gary starts to create his second one. He gets bored with dull work, so after completing that one, Gary crashes on the couch and then takes a nap. Whilst asleep he is troubled with a nightmare in which he gets both of the applications back with the letters of rejection and becomes conscious that he sent applications to only two schools.
Gary believes that there is a kind of program which would make the procedure easier. He surfs the Internet.
He backs to the college webpage and understands that he can only input all of the personal info on the site.
He decides hell try the luck and do some search for something similar to that. He types in college admissions plus some other phrases. Then Gary looks through a number of the sites, however there is nothing to his liking.
At last Gary sends in the two applications and expects the best. The boy is confident that at any rate one of these institutions will accept him, and if not because of his grades, then because of his awesome personality which he hopes is seen through the manner he filled out his application.
Best of Luck
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