Gmail, a very popular free email service provided by Google. Gmail labs is introduced in 2008 to help users to test or experiment gmail features. This is the message displayed from Gmail under labs section.

Gmail Labs is a testing ground for experimental features that aren’t quite ready for primetime. They may change, break or disappear at any time.
If (when) a Labs feature breaks, and you’re having trouble loading your inbox, there’s an escape hatch. Use
But you can give it a try, I tried all of the gmail labs and found top 10 Gmail labs that can be helpful to all. Here we start from 10

10. Preview Inbox (Inbox preview)

When I enabled it I found preview of my gmail account before it loaded completely. Here is the preview how it will look before loading completely.

9. Message Icon Showing Unread Emails (Unread message icon)

If you are viewing any other site in new tab then, just by looking at the gmail tab you will get to know about number of unread  emails. Isn`t it made easy now! Here is the sample preview.

8.  See Your Friends Pictures In Chat (Pictures in chat)

Like in FB, now with this lab enabled you can see your friends profile photos in chat.

7. Customize Your Own Keyboard ShortCuts (Custom keyboard shortcuts)

We all knew that predefined shortcuts some time makes us tough that opening without a shortcut so here Gmail labs bring you an option to enable and customize with shortcuts in which you are comfortable.

6. Export Your Email Filter As A File (Filter import/export)

Filter import/export lab helps you to export or import your email filter as a file share them or save to system.

5. Know What Your Chat Buddies Using (Green robot)

When your friend use Android to chat then in chat box a green robot, here is the sample!

4. Play Voice Chat In Gmail With This Feature (Google Voice Player in Mail)

When you enable it lets you to play voice mails, here is the sample picture how it looks.

3. Peek into Mail With Out Opening (Message Sneak Peek)

Just right click on any conversation or mail then a small window opens through which you can view the mail.

2. Insert Images In Your Mail (Inserting images)

Helps you to add image into mail from your machine or URL.

1. Forgot To Include AnyThing? (Undo Send)

It happens that many of us forget to includde important things and send it. Undo Send helps to cancel sending after hitting send button. So next time when you press send by mistake cancel it.

These were my top 10 Gmail labs, if you have some thing new or helpful gmail lab please share in comments.

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