Do you own a blog? Then you might be searching for a free tool to check your blog backlinks. As a SEO person I worked on different backlink checker tools. Here in this article I will list the top tools I used to check backlinks.

Free Tools To Check Backlinks For Your Blog (Updated Feb 17)

1. Yahoo site explorer – Bing Webmasters Tools

Most famous and free backlink checker is Yahoo site explorer but recently Yahoo merged site explorer into Bing webmasters tools. So to use this free tool now you need register with Windows live and add your bog to Bing webmasters tool.

Login to webmaster tool and add your blog and verify your ownership by uploading BingSiteAuth.XML file to your account or you can add meta tags to your blog`s index.hml

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After verifying your blog under Index->Inbound links/Deep links, you can check your blog links for free.
Bing webmasters tool provide you with more options to improve your blog SEO. For more queries visit Bing forums.

2. is another free tool to check your blog as well as your competitor backlinks.very useful.
Unlike Yahoo site explorer which is emerged with Bing, with you can check your competitor blog backlinks, this can help you to improve your link building strategy.

3. SEO Spy Glass


SEO power suite from is a seo package that contains Rank tracker  (to track your blog rankings in all search engines), SEO spy glass(to checkbacklinks), website auditor and link assistance. To benefitted more register with spy glass!

4. Open Site Explorer


Open Site Explorer released in 2009 by SEOmoz folks. It is one among the best free tools that I used to check my backlinks.

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5. Alexa
Fourth free tool that I used to check site backlinks is, when you place your site/blog in Alexa search box then it displays with complete site details. Under site links you can see backlinks for your blog. This tool displays only few links but knowing it will be added benefit to improve your link building strategy.

6. Majestic SEO

The most reliable and which gives you with complete list of backlinks for your blog is Majestic SEO. If you are interested to this magical tool see its review here Majestic SEO Review

7. BackLink Analyze 

Backlink Analyze is new back lick checker! It was recommended by user, it is tested by CBT( and found useful to try, give it a try and if you have more suggestions do share here in comments which will be added soon to this list.

These were the tools I used to check backlinks for my blogs and business sites. If you know more tools to check backlinks then please share here in comments. So that we all can be benefitted.

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