As a blogger I use windows live writer for blogging. At initially stages I got many problems with windows live writer, which include configuring my WordPress blog. So here I am going to share steps to configure wordpress blog in windows live writer.

Configure Windows Live Writer for Your Word Press Blog

1. Download Windows Live writer on your PC or machine.
2. Install it by clicking WL setup. Then a window appears asking your to Choose the programs you want to install. Select services and install.
3. Before configuring your word press blog go to blog  dashboard and enable XML-RPC publishing option. As shown in below image. (You will find this page at .

Configure Windows Live Writer For WordPress

With out enabling XML-PRC option you cannot configure your word press blog.
4. Open Windows live writer then click on Blogs menu > Add blog account

Configure Windows Live Writer For WordPress

Select other blog service (blogger, word press etc) then click next
5. Then after add blog details URL, logins and click next.

Configure Windows Live Writer For WordPress

 6. Do click Remember my password else it will prompt when ever you open to write a new post.

Configure Windows Live Writer For WordPress

7. Last step is enter you blog nickname and you are done. Your windows live writer is ready to publish your posts directly from your desk top.

Reduce Time Taken To Open Windows Live Writer

When you open windows live writer it the background checks for updates so it takes time to open, to reduce this time type services.msc in your Run box, then in list of services select Windows Live Setup Service and press stop. you will not have any problem for stopping this. (Trick from

Error While Uploading An Image

When you try to upload big image then Windows live writer prompt this error and ask you to upload from FTP server. So try to reduce image size this problem will be solved.
Hope this will help you to start blogging  form Windows live writer, if you are using any other writer tool please share here in comments.

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