Google, the major search engine is working hard to give better results to the world or just working to be number 1 they are making too many changes. Recently at Google webmasters central blog it is confirmed officially that some changes are made in top search queries data.


Starting from 25th Jan Google is updating top search queries to give better results.

How It Was Before?

Let`s say if Tom searched [bacon] and URLs appeared are in 3, 6 and 12. And Dick also searched [bacon] and URLs appeared appeared in 5, 9. Google would take average of all these search engine positions and give position 7.

Old Top Search Queries Calculation

URL Position :         (Tom)3,6,12 + (Dick) 5, 9
Position in report:   7

How It Is Now? Updated Top Search Queries

Unlike previous one now Google will take average of only top positions of site URL appeared.

Updated Top Search Queries

URL Position :         (Tom)3 + (Dick) 5

Position in report:   4

What Webmasters Say About This Update?

John Mueller (Webmaster Trends Analyst) on his Google+ said that it “I think it makes more sense this way.”
Barry Schwartz (Search Engine Land’s News Editor) shared about this updated on his blog and shared it on Google+ with “Big change with little impact”
Donna Fontenot (Internet Entrepreneur) commented – “That makes MUCH more sense. And it is way past time to deal with this.”
Share here in comments what do you say about this update or if you have any queries regarding impact of this change to SERPs.

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