We all strive , work and search for the tip to get more traffic to our blogs, but sadly many articles don`t give us complete information. So I decided to share my article with complete guide to get traffic from SU. To benefit yourself from this article I recommend you to read complete article without skipping – it may few minutes but you will be paid back with much traffic.


Why SU? When We Have FB?

If you have a blog and if you integrated Google analytics to it then you might have seen that you get more traffic from SU (StumbleUpon) when compared to FB for just bookmarking it. According to stat counter SU gets more traffic when compared to other social networking sites.
The reason why SU get more traffic is – When a SU user likes or stumble any webpage it gets into StumbleUpon  lineUp, many SU users search for new pages through StumbleUpon button on toolbar.

So How To Get More From It?

Though you get more traffic from SU compared to FB the average time on the site spent by SU user if less, so how to increase the average time?
The secret behind getting good traffic with good average time form SU is great content. Your title, image and post should attract SU user to spend some time, in short your post must have worthy information, only then you can get more from SU. Here are a list of things that you can try to get more traffic from SU.

Add Interesting Titles And Images

As I mentioned above SU users spend more time on a webpage which gives more information. So make sure you add titles which tells users that they are going to get worthy information here. And add some interesting images.

Stumble Interesting Things (Don`t Promote Your Blog)

Stumbling only your blog can glow a red signal that you are a spammer! No SU user will fallow you or have any interest to see your blog. You need to stumble more worthy things it can be images. videos or other blogs belonging to your niche.

Increase Your Followers

Make friends on SU by fallowing others in your niche and don`t spam by fallowing spammers. This doesn`t mean that you get traffic from these followers, we get traffic from SU from those who search for web pages in your niche but having followers can benefit you if your followers are impressed by you.

Complete Profile Will Be Added Advantage

Make sure to complete your profile by uploading profile image and filling about you information. This helps others to know about you and fallow you.

Add StumbleUpon Plugin To Your Blog

Add StumbleUpon bookmarking button on your blog to encourage your users to bookmark your article. You can get it from Digg Digg and Active share by orangeSoda for WordPress blogs.

Free Tools From StumbleUpon

1. StumbleUpon Tool bar

Download StumbleUpon tool bar to share webpage easily. And you can know what others are stumbling. You can also know who stumbled the pages on Google SERPs.
2. is from StumbleUpon, is URL shortening system. Using StumbleUpon logins sign in into and enter your message with blog URL and click shorten and share your blog URL with FB and Twitter

Benefits you get from (StumbleUpon URL)

You can share this URL to FB and Twitter when SU user click this URL he will be displayed by StumbleUpon tool bar on top. Encouraging users to like your blog.

This toolbar enables logged in SU users to share the blog to Facebook also. To get more traffic from SU go for StumbleUpon Paid services.
Hope this will help you get more traffic and add more benefits to your blog SEO. If you have any more details or any other tricks please share here in comments

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