Few you are among those people who don`t know about SEO then this article is for you. Few of you know that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Optimizer (the person who optimize). So what actually SEO is?


What is SEO?

When you type a query in Google you might see that you are displayed with 10 results and in next pages thousands of results, did you ever think how this rankings are given? Why these are first, who made it come first? Well no one bother about these things but to set up a career in SEO you must know about these things.
Before that I would like to answer .What is SEO? SEO is a collection of techniques used to improve the visibility of a site/blog in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Duckduckgo. So that our site gets more traffic (visits).

Search engines fallow some algorithm to rank the websites on SERPs (search engine results pages). In simple terms search engines see site popularity in terms of back links, content and relevant keywords. Back links are links to your site/blog from other sites. It can be one way linking or reciprocal lining (two way linking) or three way linking. Search engines based upon these links and content on your site/blog gives rankings.

Choosing SEO AS Your Career?

chossing-seo-as-careerAre you looking forward to setup your career in SEO? Then you must certainly read this part of the article. SEO is gradually evolving field. Certainly there is going to be broad opportunities in SEO.
  • SEO is easy to learn, within a month you can learn serious SEO techniques.
  • Competition for SEO is less, when compared to other fields like programming SEO has low competition.
  • Enough opportunities for SEO professionals who are creative, independent and good at analysis.
  • SEO person can work beyond boundaries; many companies need SEO persons who can work on their sites online.
  • SEO persons make good money
  • Has SEO you can learn more.
  • No recession problem for SEO has they work globally; they need not stick to one country or continent.
Within few days you can get a job in SEO and easily you can set up a career in SEO. Start now searching for SEO techniques. For suggestions  please comment below :) Don`t forget to share with your friends.

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