Tumblr a popular web2.0 site not only helps you to create a web page but also helps to increase your blog traffic and SEO benefits with its redirecting feature. All you have to do is fallow simple steps and you are done. 
Note: You no need to write any article in Tumblr, no need to upload any images.

Step 1 Creating Tumblr Page:

Signup for Tumblr, you need to enter valid email id, password and a URL for a Tubmlr blog. Make sure that you will use keyword or keyword phrase as your URL. For best results use dashes to separate keywords. Eg: If you keyword is “Blogging tips” then enter your URL as “blogging-tips”.

Step 2 Email Confirmation:

If the URL you have chosen is available then you will be displayed by captcha to prove that you are not robot. After completing signup make sure to verify your email address by clicking confirmation link in your mail box.

Step 3 Create New Post:

After captcha details you will see a box to enter post title and post content. Has I mentioned before in the note that you really no need to enter your article. I will just enter my keyword in the post title and repeat the same in the space given for post content. Then click create post. After creating a post click Customize appearance button. Next click on themes button and select free themes and click use then save and close the theme selection screen.

Note: If you don`t select new theme and save you can`t see the settings option in next step.

Step 4 Customize:

Again you will be redirected to your dashboard now click on Untitled. Then you will see settings button click on it to continue.

Step 5 Tumblr Redirection To Your Site:

Next screen you will see is the point where we all are waiting for, redirection step. Down the URL you created for Tubmlr you will see an option to use your costume domain. Click on “Use a costume domain name” and enter blog URL to which you want to increase traffic without http.

Then Test your domain whether it was before used for redirection in Tumblr or not, because one blog is used only once for redirection in Tumblr. Then save preferences.

And you are done! When you click on open untitled on right corner you will be redirected to your blog.

Step 6 Increase Your Blog Traffic:

Now as you are done with redirection you need to promote your blog all over tumblr to get traffic. Search Site: “liked this” in Google you will find all high PR blogs from Tumblr. When you open any Tumblr page you will find heart button on top right hand corner click on it and  beside heart button you will find reblog option, reblog it.

Wait for some time and refresh the page you will find a link to your site from the page you loved or reblog. You will get Dofollow link from that page when you reblog. Here is the sample how I got link to my blog.

Try to love and re-blog maximum blogs to promote your blog and increase your blog traffic.
If you have more tips and any tricks regarding Tumblr share here. You can comment here for more suggestions or queries.

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