Blog/site analytics is the single best way to know your audience.  Search engine giant Google is providing the best analytics for free through Google Analytics, this is the reason why many bloggers and webmasters adopt Google analytics.

What Is the use of Google analytics?

Google analytics helps you find the total analyses of your blog. Here is the list of uses of analytics.
How many visits you are getting for 1 day?
Google analytics helps to know your blog visits per day, per month.


How long they stay on your blog?
As a blogger you will be willing to know for how much time user is staying on your blog. This can be known by this free analytics.

From Which country you are getting more visitors?
Google analytics displays country wise visitors. Can plan offers for those users.

When you get more visits?
Visits differ depending upon holidays so target accordingly.

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Which post is highly visited in your blog?
Google analytics shows which article in your blog is more clicked or viewed. So that it can be featured on your blog as most viewed article.

How to Add Google Analytics To Word press Blog

Create your account in Gmail, using Gmail you can create Google analytics account. Add new website profile, fill the details given. Click finish then a screen appears where you will be displayed by tracking code. Copy the web property ID and click save.

One Step to Add Google Analytics to Wordpress

Add this plugin to your Word press blog, Google analytics plugin for word pressin settings add your web property UID. That`s it you are done, Google analytics will review your blog and analytics starts for your blog.

Another way is to add tracking code to your word press blog code.
Hope this method will help you to add Google analytics to your word press blog. Suggest if you have any other way to do this.

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