Earning money online is an interesting topic that I would like to share. Earning money online can be done with a blog or without a blog. Below listed are things that you need to earn online with a blog.

Get A blog or a website

It`s clear to earn from a blog you need to have a blog. Before buying a domain select on which topic you want to blog. Then fallow these steps, (this for a newbie) first you need to register your domain name at Godaddy, then have a hosting, I recommend Host gator. Then add CMS (wordpress) to your blog.

Good at content writing

Most webmasters say that content is king. If your content is worthy, users will stay and you can make money from them. Prior to writing articles in your blog, make sure to select the keyword as title. It is better if you select long tail keywords. Make some keyword research to collect a bunch of keywords with low competition.

Knowledge in SEO

You need to have knowledge in SEO (search engine optimizing), if you are new no problem you can learn basic SEO in few minutes. Read what is SEO?

Few blogging tips

Fallow this blog and other blogs which provide blogging tips.
That’s all you are ready to earn from  your blog, there are many ways to get ads on your blog like Adsense, infolinks, buysellads and chitika etc..

Earning Money With A Blog

After getting good traffic apply for online advertising sites. Here are few most popular advertising networks.

Google adsense

Infolinks displays text ads.
Google approve your blog for ads only after 6 months.




After Google adsense Chitika is another high paying ad network. you can apply both on your blog.

Click bank

Click bank offers affiliate links for products or take other affiliate sites.

Buysell ads

Buysell ads is a network where advertisers directly contact you to place their ads on your blog. Easy way to get more money from ads.

Things To Keep In Mind While Looking For Earning Online
  • You need to have patience, it may take up to 1 year also based upon your blog.
  • Don`t giveup work and learn more if needed.
If you don`t have above skills no need to worry you can still earn online, you will see bunch of ways to earn money in next article.
If you have any other ways to earn from blogging please share in comments.

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