Creating social networking profiles for your blog/website is a part of SEO to increase your traffic or to promote your blog services or earn money online with blog. But it is very time taking to update these social networking sites daily isn`t it. Here is a very simple solution with which you can take rest and these applications will work for you via RSS feed of your blog, all you have to do is just register.


Register for Automatic Post Update API

Twitter Feed is one among such sites which automatically posts your blog articles/posts to facebook, twitter. Register in twitter feed. Enter feed name and feed URL then click test rss feed.


Then click continue to step 2 add the services, Authenticate twitter account Using OAuth then click create service.

Update blog posts to Facebook Fan Page Directly

Twitter Feed is not allowing you to post blog updates directly to Facebook fan page, so do this you just need to connect your Facebook account to your Twiter account and from their select your page.

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Here is a step by step procedure to add Facebook fan page to Twitter

Step 1: Login into your twitter account (select account which you already added in twitter feed).
Step 2: Edit profile at the bottom you will find option to connect Facebook. Click on it and connect Facebook.
Step 3 : From the pages select the page on which you would like to get updates and give authorize to posts by clicking Allow on pop window.
hat`s it click save. Now whenever you post new post then it is automatically updated on twitter and on your Facebook fan page :)
“We have different ways to get this done, I personally use Facebook api Rss Graffiti see how  fan page updates.Comment to share other ways of updating posts.

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