Genesis is top most WordPress framework which is adopted by majority of bloggers. The reason behind this is Genesis is very cheap and good for SEO.
When I updated this blog with Genesis framework then I saw huge increase in traffic, when I went to see the reason behind this then I saw that my blog’s loading speed reduced this was one of the reason behind increase in traffic.
Though majority of Genesis child themes are paid (cheap) there are many free Genesis child themes available. I collected few of them have a look.
Note: You need to have Genesis framework to install these child themes on your blog.

Free Genesis Child Themes

Genesis child themes free from

Free Genesis child themes created by

Few more free child themes

  • BlogNews
  • ElevenHundred
  • Herman
  • Humphrey
  • Morgan
  • Winfield
  • Alpha Aero by Ryan Bishop
  • Autobahn by David Decker
  • Base by Bill Erickson
  • Birow by Marco Galasso
  • Bookmarks by John Hawkins
  • BreakPoint by Bradley Potter
  • Buster by Bradley Potter
  • Charisma by Cristian Antohe
  • Code Chirps by Daniel Shamburger
  • Dedicated by Harish Dasari
  • Fitness by PLR-Diva
  • Flare by Hector Cuevas
  • FlipBlog by Marx Benzon
  • Fluid by Nick Croft
  • Fringe by Greg Rickaby
  • Genesis CRM by Bill Erickson
  • Genesis Sandbox by Jonathan Perez
  • Greetings by Harish Dasari
  • Inzornade by Marco Galasso
  • Justify by World Web Image
  • Nameless by Mónica Guerra Leiria
  • Okeko by Marco Galasso
  • Persevero by WPBeginner
  • Photomode by MediaCairn
  • Pin It by MediaCairn
  • Portlight by Harish Dasari
  • Radio by Greg Rickaby
  • Saetta by Marco Galasso
  • Simply Sweet by Susan Nelson
  • Sinatra by Josh Stauffer
  • Tasty by Jared Atchison
  • Tee Box by Alan Smith
  • Terragon by MediaCairn
  • Transchild by Josh Stauffer
  • Zirconium by Mark Howe
If you don’t have Genesis framework and have no idea about getting one then try these 20+ free responsive WordPress themes.
If you developed any Genesis child theme share in comments.
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