# Apple iPhone 8

One of the most dominant features of the products produced by Apple is the anticipation of the products. And an absolutely same thing can be seen in the case of Apple iPhone 8. Its predecessor is not out yet and still the iPhone 8 rumors managed to bag a lot of anticipation between the firm’s consumers. However, there is a still a lot of time left in the unveiling of the smartphone. Here, we have speculated a few things about the product, mentioned the things we want and made a roundup of the device.


## Storage

People have been complaining about the storage capacity of the iPhones since the launch of the very first iPhone. The only and the major disappointment that people had to face from the iPhones was the storage capacity. The iPhones never met the actual expectations of the property when one talks about the storage. But people are expecting higher of the iPhone 8. At least a storage amount of 128 GB must be included in the iPhone 8 specs.

## Wireless Charging

As we know, there is a still a lot of time left in the release of the iPhone 8. The device is considered to be launched in 2017 or 2018. And by that time, it should support wireless charging by default. Wireless charging may also convince people to switch from Android to iOS.

## Camera, OS and Performance



iPhone 8 is predicted to sport a 17MP camera along with A11 or A10x processor if one follows the ever continuing trend of its prequels. Also, iPhone 8 is estimated to sport 4GB of RAM with 128GB ROM.

## Display

Apple iPhone 8 is predicted to come with a 5.5 inch High Resolution display. But an exact prediction can’t be made as some of the firm’s users were not impressed by sudden screen increment in the gadget. If we follow the pattern, a 5.5inch is to be predicted but Apple may listen to some of its consumers and may cut down the screen size.

## iPhone 8 Release Date | Price

Once again, you might be knowing that Apple is very secretive when comes to unveiling release date of any of its products. However, the Apple iPhone 8 is estimated to launch in 2017 or 2018. Chances are higher of that of late 2017. Coming to the price of iPhone 8, it is expected to be around $800 for the basic version.

## Conclusion

Overall, we think that the expectations are higher and Apple may try to meet most of them. iPhones have always received love from people because the products always satisfy their users’ needs. And the same thing is to be expected from iPhone 8 concept. By 2017/18 the world will be very advanced if one thinks about tech. Apple must add yet another revolutionary tech to its gadget, if the firm wants to still remain the top competitor in the market.
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