Say hello to the fastest Li-Fi internet connection ever. When you are enough happy with the speed of your current Wi-Fi internet connection may be it is the time to say good bye. Li-Fi is always faster than you thought. The new wireless tech which is Li-Fi has been tested and confirmed that it is 100 times faster than Wi-Fi. Definitely through this information it is not possible to blow your mind, lights of house can be the mode of program for this Hi-Speedy wireless internet connection.
I know a lot of method. But here is the purport of these.

The Li-Fi technology is first made-up by Harold Haas of the University of Edinburgh in 2011. Li-Fi uses VLC means Visible Light Communication for sending data and transmitting messages through Binary Code.

“All we have to do is fit a small microchip to every probable illumination device and this will combine two crucial functionalities: illumination and wireless data transmission”

Haas said of converting household lights to Li-Fi Transmitters. Want bonus? It will also be more secure than Wi-Fi because light can not pass through walls. On the other hand it has some disadvantage too. User would lost their connection whenever they get out of the room.
According to a a lab record of 224 gigabits per second this Li-Fi tech is currently being used in offices and other workplace in Estonia and it has achieved data transmission of one Giga Byte per second.  To put that in more edible terms, that would allow you to download 18 movies of 1.5GB every single second.
Bearing in mind worldwide monthly Internet data usage is rising exponentially and consistent with Cisco Visual Networking Index Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast the new wireless technology which is Li-Fi Internet comes along at an appropriate turning point in the world’s technological timeline. So definitely we are all enough exited now about the magic behind the glowing data transmissions out of our light bulbs. Let’s take a look forward to all of the vital time-sucking activities we will be capable to do far more proficiently if Li-Fi goes mainstream.

Watching stream videos with Li-Fi:

When you are able to download full length movie in a second, just think how many streaming videos you could squeeze into that same time frame! Haas deserves an award for making it possible.

One Word, Pinterest:

Li-Fi will make it conceivable to include significantly more DIY undertakings like misleadingly confused burlap wreaths and dresser re-dos to my officially flooding schedule. Thus, this may cut sufficiently out time for me to really endeavor the bunch Pinterest falls flat simply holding up to happen.

Read 1 or 30 on Li-Fi:

The wide universe of websites is endless and brimming with undiscovered intelligence. There’s no telling what mysteries of life I’ve been absent because of a slacking association. Speedier Internet implies quicker skimming, which implies I can at long last get up to speed with what Ree Drummond is concocting nowadays. Farewell, bookmarked Pioneer Woman blog entry around 2013!

Learn about personality:

With an extremely quick association, I could blow through online tests like a mammoth. Which Disney character would you say you are generally like? Done (and Belle, FYI). What does your most loved shading say in regards to your psychological wellness? Done. There’s no restriction to the features of my identity I may have the capacity to uncover with Li-Fi.

Self-Diagnosing On WebMD:

With Wi-Fi, I can invest hours deciding I may conceivably — gracious, who am I joking? — am certainly kicking the bucket from some uncommon and beforehand undiscovered dark infection. I have the cocoa dotted rash to demonstrate it. Alternately hold up … is that a spot? In any case, I’ll have the capacity to benefit as much as possible from the valuable minutes I have left by cutting my finding time with exceptionally quick Li- Fi.

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