Apple has always been trying to provide more essential features in its simple way. And here we have got the latest version of IOS that is IOS 9. The new IOS 9 version is so much improved that you will really be appreciative every single day. More advanced built in apps are designed for IOS 9 which is made your life easier. Mail, messages, web browsing, maps, making notes, and so on. Now lets have a look what are the

New features of IOS 9:


News of the IOS 9 are now collected trending top sources based on your interested topic. There is no need to go to different app to app for getting everyday news. The news app is designed with amazing editorial layouts and typography of print to the screen. In IOS 9 no matter which device are you using because the articles are well optimized for both iPhone and iPad device. Find an enormous selection of topics from top news organization sources.Now you can have the news that is interesting you such as sports, technology, fashion and so on. The more you read this news this app will better understand you of your interests. That’s the benefit of IOS 9. It will automatically refine the selection of stories delivered to your screen, so they are relevant to you. (Sponsor Link :movie apps for ios)


Like always the Notes are a great way to write down your thoughts. But Notes are now more intelligent and advanced in years 9. You can put a checklist of to-do, add a photo, map or a web link on your note. Even you can draw down a sketch with IOS 9 . And obviously you should give a thanks to cloud because the changes of notes will be updated over all your devices and on iCloud


Maps giving you turn by turn spoken directions, interactive 3D views and stunning flyover feature at IOS 9 . Gathering public transit info for trains, subways, buses and ferries with lines and stations right on the map. The Nearby feature will show you a chart of categories like drink, food, shopping and so more. Under Food categories, you will see desserts, fast Food, cafes, popular Restaurants, Bakeries, groceries. Turn-by-turn spoken directions will be working when you are walking or driving. Siri can help you find your way. To get to your destination, ask Siri to take you there and Maps immediately guides you along the fastest route.


Your iPad has been always perfect for your office work. For making amazing designs or extra-ordinary presentations. Now with your IOS 9 you can make the better use of your large screen. With the new feature name slide over you can quick response any massage or right download something in notes after finishing it you can slide that app away and get back to the one you were using before. Split view is another feature that is used for running two different app at a same time.


The Siri is now more with some of its new extra features at IOS 9 . You can talk to Siri like a friend for placing calls, making dinner reservation, sending messages and so on. Control your home-kit by Siri even you can change your mood. For example, turning on dining room lights and dimming living room lights. Make your home-kit enabled light in specific color by the help of IOS 9 .Different types of mood are here when you are willing to watch the movie just tells Siri it will automatically dim the living room lights and turn on the TV. You can also Lock the front door, Turn on the printer in the office, Set the Tahoe house to 72 degrees, Turn on the bathroom heater by talking with Siri.

Battery Life:

Here in IOS9 you will get a more efficient battery life because the operating systems, key technologies and apps to save battery life as much as possible. So every day you get more battery life. When your iPhone is face down on a table it will not turn on screen light even on any notification because “ambient light” and “proximity sensors” are working here. And the new IOS 9 has Low Power mode lets you extend your battery life.


Keeping secure the most important part of any device. In IOS9 developers have improved its security system. In the older versions of IOS there were 4 digit passcode but now the default for passcode on your Touch ID–enabled iPhone and iPad is now six digits. That’s why your device is now more secure. There is also a new feature available that named “Two-factor authentication”.IOS 9 and OS X El Capitan have built-in support for two-factor authentication. Once selected, whenever you sign in from another device or browser, you’ll be provoked for a confirmation code. This code is consequently shown on your other Apple gadgets or sent to your telephone. Enter the code and you’re immediately marked in — and any unapproved clients are kept out.

Android Migration:

It’s been a long time you can’t share anything with your friends Android device. But here you can share photos, contacts, bookmarks and many things. Just download “Move To IOS” app on your Android device and you can share them safely over Wi-Fi.

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